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Artist Statement

The world as I see is colorful, bold and vibrant. Through this sensibility I create my photography and graphic design. Through my exploration in photography I like to capture the textures and patterns of everyday life, while photographing them in thoughtful compositions that reveal the special qualities that drew me to them. While studying in Italy for two years I had a wide range of visual sources to survey and capture. I find the intimate details of natural objects to be the most beautiful. By pulling a minute detail out of its hidden context, the photo serves as a bridge that brings awareness to the intricacies of nature that are so often overlooked. In my graphic design work I like bold line and playful color. I interject energy into my designs and publications and find that typography is a strong element of my work . I like to create visual excitement through my choices, and am aware of the different moods each font creates.

About Me

I am a graduate of Marist College, in Poughkeepsie, New York after completing my degree in only 3 years. I am a Digital Media Major, specializing in Photography and Graphic Design. I was able to study abroad for two academic years at Scuola Lorenzo de Medici, in Florence, Italy. Through these studies I was exposed to a variety of art forms, especially the Italian Renaissance. Through the beautiful scenes around me I have been able to expore my artistic talents and enjoy the world around me.


I love to travel the world, and studying abroad for 2 years allowed me to travel throughout Europe. This inspired many of my artistic works and gave me a diverse background.


I love to put an artistic flair into everything I do, and enjoy the value of good aesthetics.


I not only have a passion for eating, but for creating delicious, beautiful food. I love to cook and prepare interesting dishes, and always use them as a subject for my work.


I enjoy layout and design, and creating interesting graphics.



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